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  • Link up with colleagues around the world to mutually challenge thinking and debate topics that matter
  • Share best practices, ideas and challenges
  • Expand your peer network – meet the right people in your industry and develop meaningful relationships that help progress your thinking
  • Be part of a trusted environment that supports your career development and creates opportunities to collaborate with others in your industry
  • Get your voice heard – help to shape industry thinking, and as a thank you, be rewarded for your time and effort with member of the month and prize draws for those who engage the most
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There are lots of ways you can interact with your community:

  • Join existing discussions
  • Connect with others from your industry from around the world
  • Create your own groups and discuss the things that matter to you


We support your research and development needs by providing you with:

  • Regular updates and topical information
  • Information to make your roles easier
  • Insight into what’s new in the industry


We want to hear your opinions, experiences and challenges in your industry. You can also help shape our services and products. You’ll be invited to:

  • Participate in competitions, surveys and polls
  • Help us design the services and products you need
  • Get your opinion heard, and let others shape your thinking too


To say thank you for your engagement, you’ll be entered into our monthly prize draw. The more activities you take part in, the more entries you’ll have. Plus, if you’re the most active member you might be awarded ‘Member of the Month’ and Emerald will donate from a list of charity partners.



Join Emerald Engage to connect with others and find out the latest in your industry.


“In 2018, I was invited to join. This provided a great opportunity for me to meet and network with likeminded colleagues, discuss and share examples of good practice and have a say in the future of Emerald’s online platform and products. Their online platform – a community of co-creation, learning and growth – has broadened this outreach and allowed us to contribute further to research, and the development of our profession.”

Lucy Roper – UCEM Information Governance Manager

“I am impressed with the discussions that have been occurring. The topics are interesting (and sometimes fun, too!) and most contributors provide good insight into the subject material. I admire Emerald for providing this service. There is nothing else quite like it and certainly nothing else like it that is provided by a vendor. The network is much wider in scope and contains substantive conversations that make we want to engage with it. I look forward to hearing from more members in the future.”

Dave Tyckoson, California State University – Fresno


换ip软件是非常有必要的-迅速:2021-6-15 · 伕理ip市场现在非常火热,因为很多市场对于ip资源的使用需求都是非常大大。 随着互联网的发展,越来越多的业务转移到网络中,比如一些网络营销的业务就经常会使用到伕理IP,我伔常见的有注册、投票、抢购,其实发帖也可众使用,其实在论坛一些网站上发过帖子的人都知道,有时候我伔的 ...

Everyone in the academic community is welcome to join, you don’t have to be an Emerald customer.

怎么提高上欧洲网站的网速-百度经验:2021-1-16 · 怎么提高上欧洲网站的网速,今天小编和大家分享怎么提高上欧洲网站的网速经验,希望对大家有所帮助。三、现在网上也很流行使用网络加速器,非常多的选择。这几个浏览器我也都使用过,有的国内网络加速还有点效果,当然高峰期效果就不是那么理想了,对于国外网站加速呢,只能说偶尔有用吧。

You will be given regular opportunities to take part in activities and initiatives that are relevant to you.

Can I leave Emerald Engage at any time?

You are free to leave the community at any time. You can unsubscribe to our emails or terminate your membership within your member profile.

How will information I share on Emerald Engage be used?

We will use the information you share on Emerald Engage to understand views on relevant topics, products and services. We may also ask your opinion on new and developing products and services to help shape these to suit your needs. Your personal details will never be passed on to a third party for marketing purposes.

Is the information I give you safe?

We keep your personal information safe and private. Our 怎么上国外网站 aims to answer questions you may have about how we collect, use and protect your personal information.

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